Proof Policy (Personalize items)

FREE E-MAIL PROOF FOR RUSH ORDERS: Our company supplies a free e-mail proof, which must be approved in writing before your order is printed. Please expedite the approval of all fax and e-mail proofs to ensure that your order ships in a timely manner. Any delay in a fax or e-mail approval could delay your order.

Proof ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Communications are sent via email. Please make sure to enter your best contact e-mails when placing your order. Your Proof may be delay if you do not enter a valid contact e-mail address or phone number.

Proof Location & Colors : Please note that Proofs are an approximation of what the actual item and artwork will look like after the production process. Proofs are always shown in Black; your order will print in the color chosen. Feel free to send us your logo and we will match the color for you.

Proof Changes : All changes must be in writing; faxes or emails are acceptable. Customer is responsible for confirmation of changes made to an order. Please make sure you follow up to ensure the changes were received.

FREE art support. : If your order is over $ 400 you will receive a FREE ‘e-mail proof' before we produced your order! We offer you FREE artwork preparation and design assistance on every item we offer – don’t need to do the work yourself – we are happy to help you! Whether you’d just like your logo on a product, or you’d like to add text, additional graphics or you need a new artwork layout - we’ll do the work, FREE!

*If an order has a specific “in hands” date, a proof may delay production, thus jeopardizing your chances of receiving the order in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on these orders.

Proofs are not intended to be ‘decision making tools’ for the customer. Upon receiving a proof request we will work with any changes until the proof has been approved. Once the proof has been approved new shipping and delivery dates will be issued. If during the proofing process a request for cancellation is submitted, a 10% cancellation fee will be deducted. The cancellation fee is only applied if a proof has been already generated by the art team. When no proof is requested, please ensure that the artwork/logo that you are submitting is completely error free.

In the event an order is printed with an incorrectly submitted artwork/logo, Branders will   not be held responsible for your oversight, and payment in full   will be valid for the completed work. You may request a redo; however it will be at your expense.